Acne / Breakout Prone

Throughout history we’ve put and man on the moon, and made dozens of technology breakthroughs, but why can’t we cure the disorder that affects 50 million Americans? Acne is one of the most common disorders among the human race and one of the hardest to cure!

Cleanse. Making sure your face is squeaky clean is one of the most important factors when fighting acne. Acne forms when the pore is clogged with dry skin, dirt, or oil. Deep cleansing products use alpha hydroxy acids to fight acne causing factors and leave your skin minty clean! Those with oily skin work well with gel or foam cleansers and those who are dry work well with crèmes.

Treat. After cleansing, follow with a treatment product that will tackle active acne.

  • For those with slight pop ups try a spot treatment packed with acne fighting ingredients like sulfur, willow bark or benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria and remove excess oil.
  • For those with more than the occasional breakout, use an allover daily or weekly treatment to keep acne under control. Use a glycolic or retinol treatment if you have acne scarring.

Moisturize. Even if you’re an oily skin type you must moisturize. If you skip this step, you skin will only become oilier because it is trying to compensate. Using a moisturizer that contains charcoal will mattify and control oil. Making sure your product is mineral oil free is important because mineral oil can clog the pores. Using a moisturizing with oil is ideal for an oily skin type because it will cut the production of oil in the skin.

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