Dark Circles

Worried about wrinkles showing your age? Your eyes should be the focus. It is a known fact that the first signs of aging happen around the eyes. It may be from lack of sleep, genetics, or poor diet but we can all agree that dark circles can be a concern for all clients. Noticing the cause of your dark circle is critical. Most dark circles caused by genetics cannot be reversed since it is embedded in the DNA. Whatever the cause, there is always room for improvement and a little elbow grease can get you there!

Lifestyle. Believe it or not your lifestyle is important when wanting to treat dark circles. The first concern is how much sleep you are getting each night. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is crucial; it allows you to dodge the look of fatigue caused by lack of sleep. Water intake is also important; it gets your lymph moving ensuring efficient fluid movement. This will help reduce fluid buildup and congestion that bring more attention to darkness. Staying drug and alcohol free will also help the appearance of dark circles.

Treat. The root of a dark circle happens underneath the skin so a lot of times using topical crèmes aren’t enough. Using a serum around the eyes would be better since the molecular structure of a serum is small enough to penetrate the skin. Brightening ingredients such as Vitamin C, and licorice root will help lighten and brighten the under eye area. An eye product with caffeine can be a hero because it will both temporarily and permanently help under eye circles by getting the blood circulating.

Protect. Protecting the area underneath your eyes with antioxidants and sunscreen is a must. The sun can darken the area product is applied, and the environment can steal its nutrients. You don’t want to waste product by applying it and not sealing the deal with SPF!

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