Dry Skin

Having dry skin can be tough. Your makeup won’t stick throughout the day, your skin can flake, and things can get downright uncomfortable. Using ingredients that are packed with hydration and soothing properties will leave your dry skin feeling brand new.

Cleanse. A crème cleanser works best for dry skin. It contains lotions that penetrate and hydrate from the inside out leaving skin smooth and full of moisture. Cleansing oils are a great for dehydrated skin, it greatly compensates for the lack of oil that is caused by dehydration.

Treat. A serum packed with essential oils works very well with a dry skin type. Gel masks will help soothe and hydrate for a more moisturized feel inside and out. Hyaluronic acid is the absolute best for dry skin; it can hold 1000x its weight in water which will supply optimal moisture.

It is imperative to exfoliate dry skin. This will remove excess dry skin making it easier for your products to penetrate. Using gentle beaded scrubs/washes will ensure complete exfoliation without discomfort.

Moisturize. Using crèmes instead of lotions or emulsions are great for dry skin. The heavy texture will allow intense moisture throughout the day. If you like thinner textures using moisturizing oil would be ideal. The molecules are smaller, therefore penetrating deeper, moisturizing like no other!

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