Mature Skin

They say most things get better with age, but we can’t say this is always true. Your skin is the one thing that shows your first signs of aging, causing wrinkles, creases and age spots. It seems like we never notice until it’s too late, and no matter what we try, nothing works. To see results on aging skin we must increase cell turnover. Increasing cell turnover will shed dead skin, leaving room for new skin. Cleansing your skin with a cleanser containing hydroxy acids or gentle scrubbing beads will help new, healthy skin breakthrough.

Treat. Serums are the best anti-aging treatments. The molecule structures of the ingredients are much smaller than a cleanser or moisturizer causing it to penetrate deeper. You want to look for serums full of moisture to plump and hydrate the skin, or serums with more intense ingredients such as peptide, collagen and hydroxyl acids to firm and renew skin cells.

Hydrate. Most of the time, aging skin is dry so using crèmes or all natural oils to moisturize would be ideal. Converting to a moisturizer with age fighting ingredients such as peptides, retinol, and vitamin C not only help hydrate but lift and smooth unwanted imperfections.

Protect. You must protect your skin daily with a sunscreen if you want to completely fight aging. Suncareen will prevent Aging rays from penetrating your skin and keep free radicals away from your anti-oxidants!

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