Home Hacks for Younger Eyes

The first signs of ageing often occur in the eyes so it is important to keep them up to par. It is never too late to start rituals for more youthful eyes so whether young or full of youth you should consider these hacks for smoother eyes.

Try to limit your salt intake. Eating salt can cause the body to retain water, if water is stagnant in the eye area it causes puffiness.

Placing cold bags of green tea over the eyes can help reduce puffiness.

Wear eyeliner to help define the eye. Try not to pull the liner downward it will cause the eye to appear droopy. Focus only on the upper lash line to prevent makeup smears that further age your look.

Wearing sun glasses can help protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The sun can age and burn skin on the under eye area along with the rest of your body.

Using a moisturizer specialized for the eyes will help almost every concern. If you have a specific concern find an eye product that carters to that concern.

If you wear concealer be sure it is the right shade. It should only be one shade lighter than your skin tone. Also when applying concealer be sure to cover the entire under eye area including the corners.

Be sure to properly cleanse your face every night, this include removing your makeup. Dirt and debris can get trapped in your pores and free radicals can multiply demolishing skin cells.

Practice proper brow maintenance, when the brows are in the correct place the face appears more lifted.

Before you decide to go under the knife try to change a few of your habits it can reverse and prevent ageing around the eyes!