Perform a Facial Massage for Tighter Skin

When you first learned about gravity it was probably one of the coolest things in the world. Sadly as we grow we develop a love hate relationship with the earth’s gravitational pull due to the way it causes the skin to sag (along with several other factors). To have tighter skin means a face that is more lifted, sculpted, and therefore more youthful. If given the chance to fulfill the dream of firmer skin most women would jump at the opportunity. It may seem nearly impossible to reverse or prevent your skin from sagging but there is a way, and it doesn’t involve going under the knife.

It may seem like giving yourself a facial massage is another thing to add to your morning routine but it can in fact be very beneficial. Facial massage can help increase blood flow, stimulate muscles, ease tension, detoxify the skin, and produce new skin. Stimulating the muscles and producing new skin cells both play a huge role in tightening skin. Once the facial muscles begin to strengthen it will pull skin tighter just as it does on the body after a consistent workout. Each time your skin creates a new skin cell that cell functions like new skin and should appear tighter than others.

To perform a facial massage be sure you get a lubricant allowing the hands to glide across the face. For added benefits use a lubricant with nutrients that will further contribute to skin tightening or other skin concerns.

Jojoba oil will help plump the skin by adding moisture.

Almond oil will help repair damaged skin.

Tea Tree oil helps disinfect.

Geranium helps improve elasticity.

If you have skincare products you use daily it is recommended you use those, the solution will drive deeper into the skin with massage. Be sure to sweep in upward motions to show the skin you’d like it to lift. The ideal starting point would be at the chin and you should work your way up. Be sure to cleanse the face before you begin so you aren’t spreading bacteria.

A facial massage can be done daily but one day should be skipped to allow the face to rest!